The World Hospital at Home Community is an international platform to advance the hospital at home (HaH) model and ecosystem. Best practices are shared from across the globe in an effort to drive a new era of patient-centric acute care that further enables the home to be the primary place of human healing.

The last decade has unleashed significant research, operational knowledge, and innovation in delivering hospital-level acute care in the home. However, there is still great opportunity to enhance this model of care through further research, innovation, and effective policymaking.

Already, the HaH model has gained a foothold in several countries, including Australia, France, Israel, Italy, Spain, the U.K., and the United States. As an international HaH community, we are jointly working to redesign acute care delivery with a keen focus on maximizing time at home while ensuring the best possible health outcomes and patient/clinician experience of care. We passionately believe that the HaH model can be integrated and/or further scaled in health care systems around the world and look forward to joining with like-minded individuals to educate and build awareness of its role and benefits.

Our mission is comprised of 3 key pillars:

1) To accelerate the exchange of knowledge among HaH clinicians and staff on a global level and address challenges/opportunities in building and scaling HaH programs in different countries and locales

2) To provide healthcare service providers, policy makers, scientists, researchers and healthcare practitioners the latest news in the field

3) To build broad awareness of the role and benefits of hospital at home care

Prof. Bruce Allen Leff, co-chair: We talked a lot about the HaH community that this meeting has helped to build, but with this congress we became a tribe. A tribe is a group of people who are “your people” in a deeply meaningful way. We addressed the models, technology, scalability, and more but for what I am most pleased is what the future holds – HaH is a major culture change, and we will continue developing it beyond borders through more meetings and the dedicated WHAHC community space.

Last modified: Friday, 8 September 2023, 2:34 PM