The World Hospital at Home Congress is an international platform to advance the hospital at home model and ecosystem. This model meets the urgent need of the healthcare providers for a safe, effective, natural and cost-effective alternative to the standard inpatient treatment, the increased pressure on hospital beds and patient-risk hospitalization. Scientific findings show that Hospital at Home services can improve health outcomes, reduce readmission and increase patient satisfaction while providing cost-effective treatment to acutely ill patients.

Considering the needs in this area, the World Hospital at Home Congress (WHAHC) provides a dedicated program to pioneers and experts from multidisciplinary fields, including healthcare service providers, policymakers, researchers and healthcare practitioners who can benefit from:

·       Being part of the first of its kind international forum for building an ongoing conversation and multidisciplinary collaboration ecosystem on hospital-at-home (HaH) applications

·       Exchange research and insights of HaH under one roof to discuss potential models and opportunities

·       Exchange knowledge about their achievements and challenges of HaH practices

·       Evaluate latest technology and homecare solution showcase in a dynamic exhibition

Whether you are a nurse, physician, allied health professional, scientist, health care provider, clinical researcher, part of a start-up or an established industry company, WHAHC is your opportunity to network and discuss the latest findings and their potential impact with the pioneers.

After three successful events – WHAHC 2019 in Madrid, the WHAHC 2021 Virtual Congress, and WHAHC 2023 in Barcelona, we look forward to meeting with our dedicated community again in 2025 for another unforgettable experience! Stay tuned as more information will be available shortly.