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We are delighted to share with you a podcast featuring Karen Titchener, VP of Hospital at Home Operations at Maribel Health, and Kathi Mooney, Distinguished Professor in the College of Nursing and Co-leader of Cancer Control and Population Sciences at Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah.

In their podcast, Karen and Kathi showcase the Huntsman at Home program they established and discuss the hospital at home model implementation for oncology programs. Make sure you listen to find useful insights on funding and gaining trust, program development, staff requirements and other considerations.


about the SPEAKERS


Karen Titchener, NP, and VP of Hospital at Home Operations Maribel Health has over 20 years of experience of developing and implementing 7 Hospital at Home programs both in urban and rural settings in both the United Kingdom (NHS) and in the United States.  Karen utilizes her multinational experience to innovate, grow, scale and deliver high quality Hospital at home outcomes.  Most recently, Titchener launched a highly recognized and innovative oncology Hospital at Home program at the University of Utah Huntsman Cancer Hospital. Titchener largest program to date was London program she launched that includes more than 80 clinicians on staff, serves more than 3,000 patients yearly and maintains an average daily census of approximately 95 patients. She is now working with an organization that helps health systems develop and implement their hospital at home programs


Kathi Mooney, co-leads Cancer Control and Population Sciences at Huntsman Cancer Institute and is a Distinguished Professor in the College of Nursing at the University of Utah.  She is a leader in cancer patient-reported outcomes, technology-aided remote symptom monitoring and home-based models of cancer care. Among this work she helped to establish and evaluate Huntsman at Home, an oncology hospital at home model that includes both acute and subacute care and demonstrated lower health care utilization and cost. She is now evaluating an adapted model for delivery in rural communities to address access and equity issues for those living at a distance from cancer care.

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