Speaker: Dr. Gregory D. Snyder, MD, MBA
Topic: Virtual Hospital Quality Frameworks

Dr. Jed Colt Cowdell, MD, MBA, Mayo Clinic
Dr. Hemali Sudhalkar, MD, MPH, FHM, Kaiser Permanente
Ellen Love, Operations Manager from Mayo Clinic Florida
Joeffrey Hatton, MBA, Regional Director, Hospital Quality and Patient Safety at Kaiser Permanente

Description: As home hospital programs have grown in the United States, the definition of quality metrics and safety standards has evolved, particularly in the wake of federal reimbursement under the Acute Hospital Care at Home (AHCAH) waiver designed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). In partnership with integrated health systems, Medically Home enables and co-operates Virtual Home Hospital (VHH) programs that couple remote clinicians with in-home clinical services, leveraging virtual care technology; this approach requires a unique framework for quality, safety, and measurement. Here, we will address the Virtual Hospital Quality Frameworks, its standards and measurement focus, as well as the evolving priorities for home hospital quality and safety systems in the United States.Jeroen Bosch Hospital team shared their experiences and learnings from their innovative telesurveillance project to help extend hospital capacity and optimize staff workflow with a secure discharge of laparoscopic colorectal surgery patients. The speakers explain the challenges the hospital faced and how they solved the challenge by implementing telesurveillance, how they identified the platform that met their needs and how they created confidence in the staff. The team also shared the most recent outcomes of the project and future plans.

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